Wild West Weekend
4th Annual Wild West Weekend
August 4th, 5th and 6th, 2006
"Uniting Family & Community in Dexter"
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First Wild-West Chili Cook-Off
Main Street was Heatin' Up in Dexter with the first ever "Wild-West Chili Cook-Off" sponsored by Dexter Internal Medicine.

On Friday August 4, 2006 Dexter Internal Medicine manned their Chili Booth on Main Street in front of Tillsons True Value. Chili "tasting and judging" was done by the public from 2pm until 4:30pm. The winners were announced at 5pm Friday prior to the Wild West Costume Contest.

1st place - $50 cash: Julie Farnsworth (chili #8)
Runners up (2) - $25 cash: Matt Turek (chili #9) and Gary Giles (chili #5)

There was a $10 entry fee with the 1st place winners getting 50% of the all proceeds and the (2) Runners-up received 25% of the proceeds.

  1. Winner of Brawn's Scavenger Hunt.... Susan Belanger of Garland!
Wild West Olympics
sponsored by First Free Baptist Church & Blackwell Insurance

Maine Choice Realty Skillet toss (26 contestents registered)
  1. Tiffany Craig of Portland formerly of Dexter, threw 56' 3"
  2. Jennifer Craig of Portland formerly of Dexter, threw 55' 4"
  3. Ann Miller of Dexter, threw 51' 7"
    Ann threw a 57' 10" with her 3rd throw for a tie breaker with Angela Kimball of Dexter
Watermelon Spitting
  1. Adult: Stacy
  2. Adult: Tonia Morales
  3. Adult: Bobby Sudsbury
  1. Kids: Daniel Michaels
  2. Kids: Tores Asbury
  3. Kids: Zachary Brown
Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
  1. Zachary Brown
  2. Alana Robinson, Liz Bailargeon, Sam Jackson
  3. Sabrina Tatseos, Ren Mentin
Stick Pony Rodeo Race has 43 participants

Dexter Business Window & Display Competition
Dexter Regional Development Corporation sponsored the 1st Annual "Wild West Window Decorating Showdown". Judging was done by husband and wife team Dennis and Kathie LeBarge Frost of Delaware, summers on Wassookeag Lake and but grew up in Dexter. This is the report they produced as they went from business to business on Friday.

By Kathie Frost: "Everyone was so gracious and wanting to show us what they had done for the Wild West Weekend. They were excited and it was obvious they enjoyed doing the displays that were in place for the weekend." The winners are:

WINNER: Blackwell Insurance
RUNNER UP: Country Charm
This is what we saw:
Their store front had a western saddle with a horse fishing from a saw horse. There was a camp fire with a boy cooking marshmallows. We did not see store staff dressed in western costumes. Ted Bryant was dressed in western gear and was out front of the store with the Kiwanis.

Store wares were displayed in a neat, creative fashion. Some of the items were beautiful baskets, tin cups, wire wagon wheels, bales of hay, bandanas, blankets, plastic apples, firewood, whiskey jugs and jail bars made of crepe paper and a keyhole made of wood. The clerks were dressed in cowboy garb.

One of their windows was decorated with a stuffed horse, many horse books, magazines, and puzzles. They were skillfully displayed with Native American jewelry and a bouquet of silk flowers.

The store front was decorated very skillfully by Lynn McKusick. There was a western saddle, hanging stars, a wash tub, a tree. There were many other western decorations. The owner was dressed in a beautiful, authentic western dress and there was western music playing in the store.

Their display was inside the bank and much of the work was done by Marsha Wyman. A tree was decorated with flashing cowboy boots and cacti. There was a wooden replica of the "Rockin Pony Ranch", the bank manager was dressed in a great western outfit, there was a corral with a stuffed pony and there was a wild west picture on the wall. It was cool (the temperature) inside.

The window display had a bear dressed in a denim shirt with a pistol in hand. There were several cardboard cacti made by one of the employees. There were real cacti. There was a fire ring made of rocks with colored paper symbolizing flames. There was rope, a saddle, cowboy hats, bandanas, a pistol and rifle. There was a sunflower display and beautiful wild west bouquets that sold for $10.00 each.

The entrance to the office had bales of hay, flowers, watering cans, pitch forks, an Indian dream catcher and a sign that said Blackwell Saloon. The staff were dressed in beautiful authentic dresses and the owner was wearing jeans and a shirt he bought in Texas. Inside, the bar was set up for serving drinks; we had root beer. There were real dried Saguaro Cacti and stuffed game on the walls that was brought in just for the weekend. There were authentic gold nuggets in a pouch worn around the neck of one of the female employees. The staff were very enthusiastic and said they changed their vacation this year so they could be in Dexter for the Wild West Weekend knowing it was the first weekend in August.

Store personnel were dressed in wild west outfits. The store had saddles, bridles, cowboy hats and bandanas displayed throughout the store. There were several tables set up with food; some food included chocolate milk and devil dogs and fresh melon pieces on toothpicks.

Their four store windows had beautifully painted wild west scenes. The painting was free- hand art work. One saying was "Howdy from A.E. Robinson" and another was "Tumble On In" with cactus painted underneath the words.

"We judged the displays on their creativity and the work that went into putting the displays together." The Frost's also took pictures of the displays and they will be available on www.WildWestWeekend.com soon.

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